If there are no results for an abuse filter log, can you put "No matching items in log" or something similar, as we do for usual logs.
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Author: Thehelpfulonewiki

If you look at http://test.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:AbuseLog?title=Special%3AAbuseLog&wpSearchUser=*zonda&wpSearchFilter=&wpSearchTitle= for example, pressing search shows nothing.

This leads you to believe you didn't press the button. Whereas, if I take http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special%3ALog&type=import&user=Thehelpfulone&page=&year=&month=-1&tagfilter=&hide_patrol_log=1&hide_review_log=1 as an example, I get a clear "No matching items in log."

Can you put something like this for the AbuseFilter log? (I don't know how easy it is to copy the code)



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