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Lqt should notify in recipient's language
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See better formatted description of oddities at

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I have got a notification e-mail about my altered user_talk page on It is message lqt-enotif-newthread (in version oldid=2836668 of February, 22th)
Here is a copy of the e-mail body:

Leeven Purodha,
dat hee es en Nohreesch,
dat ene neue Diskussionsstrang zom Teema
„[[StatusNet:Emailsummary-a06ed6130aa26671389f191e1440733bd0c8f3a4-p a href=" 1s" change your em/en]]“
öm 18:29 Uhr aam 24. Aprel 2011 op dä Sigg User talk:Purodha
dobei jekumme es. Jeschrwevve däd_en dä Metmaacher Giftpflanze

Beloore kanns de dä op[[StatusNet:Emailsummary-a06ed6130aa26671389f191e1440733bd0c8f3a4-p_a_href=_1s_change_your_em/en]]_13018

Der Täx es:
Hallo Purodha,

du hast das auf /en übersetzt, das sollte wohl aber auf /ksh, oder?

Ene schööne Jrohß!

This e-mail has oddities:

  1. The result of {{int:lqt-history-thread}} is from the wrong language, German (de) instead of Colognian (ksh), or 1st fallback language, not the message language itrself, that is, we read "Diskussionsstrang" (wrong) not "Jeschprääschßfäddem" (right). On the message page, MediaWiki:Lqt-enotif-newthread/ksh, it appears correct, at least when I am viewing it. My user language is ksh.
  2. The result of {{GRAMMAR:Genitiv vun|{{SITENAME}}}} is wrong. There is no article+preposition added, as it should be. This appears correct on the message edit page, and incorrect on the mesage page, which is a known deficiency. In the e-mail, GRAMMAR could be taken from German (de), but there are many other explanations as well.
  3. {{GENDER:$8|dä|dat|dä Metmaacher|de|et}} at least was taken from Colognian (ksh) in the e-mail and appears to be correct.

These oddities are not systematic, though.

More similar e-mails suggest that the langauge inserts via int:
and possibly the GRAMMAR: and GENDER: routines are taken from the user language
of the user making the change triggering the e-mail to be sent.

I needed, I can supply screen shots or copies of the e-mails.

I would have sworn this was a duplicate, but it seems not.
See also bug 27408 comment 1 (in following comments Niklas mentions the origin of the problem, maybe it's the same here).

Please let us know if the observations mentioned in comment 2 are still valid. Lqt now uses the Message class, instead of the deprecated wfMsg* methods. I'm hoping this has made things better :).

Considering this resolved.