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Minimap on Map view covers layer selector
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One user reported on Wikidata, that when performing "Map of Beijing Subway" query service (request), the minimap at right bottom covers the layer selector (for subway lines), makes it inconvenient to select lines, and the minimap could not be moved to somewhere else.

image.png (1×594 px, 189 KB)

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Bouzinac can minimise the minimap using the arrow at its bottom-right, after which it does not interfere with scrolling the layer list.

Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 21.37.48.png (842×422 px, 163 KB)

Thanks! Didn't notice it could be minimized. Despite of this, still make sense (and useful) to make it draggable, right?

Hi, didn't notice the minimizeable action with the arrow . OKay but it might be UX-friendly if the minimap was positionned elsewhere : either the layer selector could be on top-left or the minimap could be on the bottom-left, don't you think ?