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Fix Wiley bug where some pdfs don't load due to refused connection
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User reported bug:

I was trying to access the book at . The page says that I have "Full Access" via the Wikipedia Library, but when I clicked the "DOWNLOAD FULL BOOK" link (which directed me to ), I could only see an error message that says " refused connection". This did not happen when I accessed other publications by Wiley: for example, I can view the full pdf of with no problem.

Looks like a content security policy issue for how the content is loading; I think we can work around it with ezproxy config

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Samwalton9 triaged this task as Medium priority.May 3 2022, 9:31 AM

We are using the OCLC-provided configuration for this, so I opened a support ticket, as this is probably impacting all ezproxy users.

Update from OCLC:

Good Afternoon,
This issue is not a bug. It is a stanza conflict issue from duplicate lines being present in the include files used in the >ezproxy.cfg. Please move the Wiley online library stanza about the Cochrane Library stanza and this will resolve the issue. I am >attaching a screen print from the EZproxy server status screen showing that stanza 13 is authorizing the download and not
stanza 54 as expected. Once the move is made the downloads will work as expected. This is a self-service EZproxy, but I can still make the changes if you would like. The link to the support article for this issue is attached. Stanza 13 is the Cochrane library stanza.

I've deployed the change to ezproxy preprod, and verified it's now fixed there:

I have the fix marked for deployment on production.

Deployed to production and verified the fix.

This is looking good to me, I've asked the user to confirm :)