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[Session] How to play with [alpha] Codex, the upcoming Wikimedia Design System, in user scripts
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Username or display name (will be displayed publicly): @Michael

Categories/Tags/Keywords (up to 5): Codex, Vue.js, User Scripts

Session type (select one): Short presentation (including Q/A)

Session Details

Target audience:

primarily any community devs attending who build their own user interface through user scripts and gadgets, who would like to integrate more easily with Mediawiki

What will participants get out of this session?

A first look at the upcoming Wikimedia Design System Codex, which is still unstable and pre-alpha, and some pointers for how to start playing around with it.

(Optional) Additional resources:

Event Timeline

Scheduled for Saturday 16:30–16:50 UTC
Scheduled for Friday 17:30–17:50 UTC

Edit: Thanks to Yaron for pointing out that I forgot to update this!

This has been moved in the schedule, apparently - it's now on Saturday at 16:30 UTC.

Oh yes, you're right. I just forgot to update it here!

Michael renamed this task from [Session] Playing around with [pre-alpha] Codex, the upcoming Wikimedia Design System to [Session] How to play with [alpha] Codex, the upcoming Wikimedia Design System, in user scripts.May 21 2022, 12:53 PM

@Michael: Thanks for participating in the Hackathon! We hope you had a great time.

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Thank you all for organizing this hackathon 🙏