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Have a way for mentors to opt-out from a mentee
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There is a way for mentees to opt-out their mentor, but there is no way for mentors to stop mentoring someone not nice.

As a volunteer, I encounter this problem. What if a fellow mentor doesn't want to take my mentee away from me?

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Putting this under needs discussion for @Urbanecm_WMF @RHo to discuss

Kind of related is T272376 which lets the mentor resign from mentorship and re-assign mentees to other mentors. T272376 is a mass opt-out effectively.

This is an interesting request @Trizek-WMF, thanks for filling it. If no one of the other mentors wants to take over that mentee, then the only option we've left is to disable the mentorship module for the newcomer, and let them know we disabled the module for them.

This likely will send a negative message to the newcomer, something like "no one here wants to talk to you, not even the mentors". If I were a newcomer, this would be a shock. Since mentors were created to talk with newcomers, and they don't want to talk to me, then I'm screwed. This makes me think the feature will need to be the last resort before blocking the user.

That being said, this task reminds me of Positive Reinforcement a little – one of the ideas mentioned on the project page is to offer guidance to users who make poor quality edits. If that works out fine, perhaps it would be a good idea to try offering guidance on bad mentorship-related involvement?

I agree with @Urbanecm_WMF that the most apt course of action for this (hopefully very edge) case is to disable the men tor module for the newcomer. However, we should provide some message that says something along the lines of "Your mentor has opted out of mentoring you. No other mentors are available right now, but you can get more help on editing via the <link to Help desk/Help articles>." That way the mentee knows what has happened and can still get help via other channels. And perhaps still then they still have the option to request another mentor when someone new is available in future if they so choose (since we may get new mentors at some point that may have better luck with this person).
I do think that to some extent the newcomer probably wouldn't be that shocked by the mentor opting out since in this case they have had some negative interaction with that mentor in the first place to cause the mentor to want to remove them without being able to/wanting to find a suitable replacement mentor.