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wikitech hook to disable Gerrit user uses partial matches to identify account
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From T307287#7902526 , we blocked on wikitech a user epic which has lead Gerrit to block the unrelated account EpicPupper

The reason is we issued a block for Wikitech user epic at . We have a hook in which triggers an API request to Gerrit:

DELETE /accounts/epic/active

The delete account end point is described at and the account-id is described at It triggers a resolution of the given name which can match a mail, full name, a user name and even does partial match. As long as only one account is found, it will match. Thus when we blocked epic Gerrit resolved that to a single account EpicPupper which turned out to be the wrong one.

We need the hook to be adjusted to resolve the name first using probably using the search operator username:'USERNAME' ( Should file a task with that.