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Acoustic needs FTP file for recurring import
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Hi yall - There are some failure notifications on the Acoustic side while running the recurring import for the DatabaseUpdate-* file, I believe it can't locate the latest file. Here are some instructions from Katie's documentation regarding what steps need to be taken, hope it's helpful in resolving this issue:

Note: if you need fr-tech to kick over the file to the FTP again (if acoustic trashes the file) here’s the process from start to finish (civi → acoustic):

  1. get and transform the data ready to be exported 2) export the data to csv 3) upload to silverpop servers 4) magic happens in acoustic

Make sure when talking with fr-tech that you need number 3 if the csv file was fine and you just need to remap it.

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So we need to upload last night's file again?

OK, that's uploaded. Note that all of the files upload at once - DatabaseUpdate, Unsubscribes, MatchingGifts, and Optout, so all four are newly uploaded.

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