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Hard redirects activation on fr.wikibooks
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We've decided to ask you to activate the hard redirects (with the syntax [[wikipedia:xxx]] as in the software Mediawiki downloaded) on fr.wikibooks, just because the ingredients of our cooking book are described on Wikipedia.
So we don't to duplicate their definitions.


The severity is major because we've got hundreds of links toward them.

The security of the unwanted redirections will be assured thanks to patrolled edit.

Thank you.

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Severity: major



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Looks like $wgDisableHardRedirects = false; will accomplish this.

It's currently only set to false on foundationwiki per bug 25422. This is a fishbowl wiki, and I'm not quite sure what the security implications are of enabling hard redirects on a non-fishbowl wiki (aside from obvious things like pranksters redirecting things to Special:Userlogout).

The sysops can already do the worst security editions by modifying the common or individual .js. So I can't see any new policy brings by these redirections.

Is this really needed? apart from the possibly security vectors that roan pointed out, is it that hard to use interwiki links in the article text compared to creating local pages that redirect to them?

OK, let's cancel, we'll choose the B plan: redirect from one ingredient to a category using it in a recipe.

Changing to INVALID, since the ticket opener has canceled the request.