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client-side CSS appears to be using LESS syntax, which breaks in web browsers
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Line 146 of ./resources/lib/ooui/oojs-ui-core-wikimediaui.css

background-color: rgba(0, 24, 73, 7/255);

This is not CSS. It looks like LESS, and it is being delivered client-side for web browsers to process, and it doesn't render correctly. This is not the only CSS/LESS issue, but is one of the first I stumbled upon yesterday while working on trying to fix something else.

sibling task

Event Timeline

Also noting from my mention of this yesterday on IRC in,

same issue with line 155:

background-color: rgba(0, 36, 73, 21/255);

Another error on line 1399 (1400 too?):

background-position: -9999em 0\9;
padding: 0\9;

@Reedy pointed out which shows commits by @Volker_E and that it looks like it wasn't done on purpose. @Izno also guessed "that Volker just plain forgot that a css file isn't less" haha

In any case, I'm posting this so that it can be resolved/fixed, because I stumbled upon these issues after pointed out tons of W3C CSS validation and HTML validation errors on my MediaWiki website, and I am determined to fix all of them! even though they appear to all be from MediaWiki, skins and extensions.

Also continuing from where I last left off in The W3C CSS Validation Service results:

Property pointer-events doesn't exist : none

Actually, nevermind about this because apparently W3C-CSS Validation is outdated:

I thought this problem and the one mentioned in T300437 have the same base reason because they have appeared at the same time and mentioned exactly the same code rgba(0,24,73,7/255), but I see the button on the demo page linked in T300437 behaving well, so probably they are separate, so I will unmark it as duplicate.

This task affects at least the hover behavior of frameless buttons – they don't have a light gray background when they are hovered.