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Migrate wikidata-analysis tool away from Stretch Grid Engine
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Reportedly we want to keep using this tool (toolsadmin), so we need to migrate it off of the legacy infrastructure.

As far as I can tell, this tool uses the Stretch Grid Engine in two ways:

  • For the lighttpd webservice. I think this is just providing static web serving (I don’t see any .php files in public_html/), so this should be trivial to move to Kubernetes.
  • For the maplatest-cron cronjob, which runs five times a day. It has also failed to produce output since February 2021, as far as I can tell, so I think it’s at least questionable whether this is actually needed.
Running for latest
***                       Wikidata Toolkit: ToolkitAnalyzer              ***
******************************* Data Directory Layout **********************
* Target storage directory : data/                                         *
* Downloaded dump locations: data/dumpfiles/json-<DATE>/<DATE>-all.json.gz *
* Processor output location: data/<DATE>/                                  *
Targeting latest dump: 20220427
Error: Data directory specified does not exist.
Error: Data directory specified does not exist.
Cleaning up empty public_html dirs

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Webservice looks like it may have already been on k8s?
It definitely is now though:)

image.png (505×1 px, 108 KB)

So I think that wraps this up!