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Confirmation needed for database update export job
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Last week when the import job was failing, the import issues are resolved but there is a 7 day gap between successful runs in the database export job.

The last successful import before issues came up was on April 26 2022, and after we fixed it, the earliest successful import job was May 04 2022.

Want confirmation that this gap is okay, and we won't be missing any contacts from either May 3 or April 27 that we need to re-update?

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We don't have many people in office today but I think @Ejegg or @Eileenmcnaughton could weigh in on Monday.

@MNoorWMF - we will have to do a full database export when we deploy the fix for - so if anything IS missed they will be imported then

Thanks Moska for logging this! Hi @Eileenmcnaughton - we do have a small email send going out on Thursday this week, do you think we should run the full file + new custom field this week instead of next week?

@KHaggard it is not a big deal from our end to do it - so up to your availability

KHaggard claimed this task.

Confirming here that we ran a full database overwrite today, so everyone in the _all_Wikimedia database is fully up-to-date now. Potential problem is now solved! Thanks @Eileenmcnaughton and @MNoorWMF