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[[MediaWiki:Mwe-timedtext-language-subtitles-for-clip/ru]] translation question
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Hi there, would a change for languages’ case through {{GRAMMAR: }} work correctly with “$1” placeholder in this message? I would like to put in Russian translation: “Субтитры на {{GRAMMAR:prepositional:$1}}…”

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PachaTchernof added a subscriber: Amire80.

Hi @PachaTchernof. This does not sound like something is wrong in the code base (a so-called "software bug"), but instead like a support request (how to change settings, questions how to do something, etc.).
As Wikimedia Phabricator is for bug reports and enhancement requests, please ask on the MediaWiki Support Desk or ask on a dedicated project/extension talk page if existing. Thanks for your understanding!

I think there are separate grammar cases defined for language names, @Amire80 would know

@Aklapper, the message that directs from TWN to Phabricator says "Need more help? Ask for more information". It does not feel invalid that people use Phabricator to ask for more information.

@Base: Ah, thanks! I see. :-/ That message is quite misleading as Phab is not a help forum... would be.

@Aklapper, yes, it is. I was too embarrased when I opened my first ticket and got the immediate reaction on the questions about the strings in translatewiki with additional technical question, as I remember. I think we need @Nikerabbit to see this conversation.

I would suggest to make something like that:

Need more help? Ask for general help /* link to the TW Support */
Report a bug and/or Ask tool developer for help /* link to the Phabricator */

since reports here made from that button in Translatewiki are handled differently.