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Research viability of bringing mute feature into app
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The team's objective for FY22-23 is: Equitably fill content knowledge gaps of Wikipedia Android App users by providing simple tools for seamless information sharing based on user interests and goals while mitigating unhelpful behaviors.

With this in mind we would like to allow users the ability to mute notifications from other users. It is documented that notifications can be used as a form of harassment. Our intention is to help users overcome this challenge.

To do
  • Possible APIs that can be used for this feature
  • Would our approach need to differ from the one carried out by Anti Harassment team
  • Potential risks and dependencies
  • Impact of completing the task (Qual and Quant)
  • An estimate of the LOE to implement this work
Bonus Points for
  • Including a prototype of how the implementation could work
User Stories
  • As the Product Manager of Android I need to know the potential impact and risks of features we are considering so that I may prioritize features and communicate to leadership why we are or aren't pursuing particular areas for target groups.

Event Timeline

Looks like there's an API allows the user to mute certain users or pages.

I still need to check whether the API can actually mute users/pages since I cannot find an API to list all "muted" users/pages.

Update: I still can receive notifications from a muted user, not sure how does the echomute API work.

Update #2: Looks like the T150419 is the ticket that created the mute feature for the desktop version wiki. I am not seeing any API that can return echo-pref-notifications-blacklist values.

Update #3: &meta=userinfo does not show the echo-pref-notifications-blacklist in the options list.

Thanks for researching this we are cutting it from scope