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Fix SVG export for maps in WDQI UI
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Main components:


WDQI UI allows users to show their query results on a map (#defaultView:Map). Users can download this map with their result as svg. The problem is that currently, the download (query.svg) only contains a small orange square.

Steps to reproduce:

Acceptance criteria:

  • Users can download maps again as .svg.

Open questions:
Are there other .svg exports that we maybe need to fix?


List of steps to reproduce** (step by step, including full links if applicable):

What happens?:

  • small squared orange shows up without the expected result

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@Addshore is this something that your team can have a look into?

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Adding @ItamarWMDE who is the staff engineer for the Wikidata side of things :)

Thanks for putting it on my radar @Addshore I'll look into it

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FWIW, I think the most realistic “fix” for this is that we disable the SVG download for maps. I don’t know if it’s even possible to save a Leaflet map as an SVG image without horrible hacks (e.g. leaflet-image says it’s incompatible with Leaflet.markercluster, which is what we use for markers IIRC), and it would likely be a major effort at least.

I think several other result views don’t support being downloaded as SVG either (probably including the table view); as far as I’m aware, the SVG download option is mainly, and perhaps only, useful for the “chart” result views (line, scatter, bar, etc.).

Hi @Bouzinac, thank you for reporting this! Unfortunately, we will not be able to bring back .svg as it was never there. (Thank you, Lucas, for pointing this out!)

Instead, I opened a task that helps us to avoid this confusion in the future: T311594: Wikidata Query Service UI: Remove maps download option that is not actually working