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incorrect interwiki link zh-classic because of wrong database data
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Some pages containing an interwikis to zh-classical show this interwiki link as zh-classic prefix (without -al). I think this i because the database field was shorter in the past.

For the api returns:

using query|langlinks&titles=Template:Link%20FA&lllimit=max&llurl

But is not correct because it is a valid title in article namespace on zhwiki.
For interwiki bots it shows an languagelink to the same site which must not be possible because self links are not permitted per definition (that why [[zh:abc]] on zhwiki is parsed as interwiki and not an languagelink)

There is no prefix zh-classic on interwikimap

So please update languagelink table so that api can return valid values.

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sounds like incorrect database situtation

need a update on the cluster:

update langlinks set ll_lang = 'zh-classical'
where ll_lang = 'zh-classic'

Given we have roughly 900 databases, we might want to script this up <:o)

Live databases have been updated! For the record, the command used was:

foreachwiki runBatchedQuery.php "update langlinks set ll_lang='zh-classical' where ll_lang='zh-classic' LIMIT 100"

I had to fix up a duplicate entry in the ptwiki database :
ll_from: 162503
ll_lang: zh-classic
ll_title: Template:Link A

I have just deleted this incorrect row.