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Split autopatrol user right to RCPatrol, NPPatrol and FilePatrol
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Feature summary: Enables separate autopatrol level to be granted to user

Background: Initially MediaWiki only includes RCPatrol feature, which enables admins to mark revisions by others as "patrolled". Accordingly, admins and bots holds a user right called autopatrol by default, this makes their edit no need to be reviewed as they are trusted users. Later, NPPatrol and FilePatrol were introduced (in T3405 and T11501), which support admins only to review newly create-pages/uploaded-files (rather than each revision).
However, all three feature relies on a single autopatrol right, which makes users difficult to have separate "trusted level" - like, we could automatically mark user Foo's edit as patrolled, but new pages created by Foo still needs manually review by admins.

Use case(s):
Based on such situation, I think it's reasonable to propose to split permission autopatrol to three sub-permission (based on the exact site configuration, which patrol method is enabled). Proposed name would be autopatrol-edit , autopatrol-create, and autopatrol-upload. For example, a user with autopatrol-edit permission will have their edits marked as patrolled automatically, but their creation will stay unpatrolled.

Benefits: More specific user right division provides a better control of trust level.

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Change 799784 had a related patch set uploaded (by A2093064; author: A2093064):

[mediawiki/core@master] Split (auto)patrol rights for RC, NP and File Patrol