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Special:Undelete to use same radio button styling for diffs as history pages
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(Forked from bug 21279 comment 33 per Brion)

Per bug 21279, code will be patched so that deleted revisions can be referenced
by their rev_id, and this will work regardless of subsequent delete/undelete
activity. Bug 28820 requests that diffs are enhanced to work using rev_id even if one or both revisions are deleted.

Once this is done, Brion has noted that [[Special:Undelete]] needs "more work for a serious overhaul" (bug 21279 comment 33).

This request is to ask that building on bug 28820, that [[Special:Undelete]] has radio buttons and paging for the list of deleted revisions, so that a user can select a diff between any two revisions listed as is possible for undeleted revisions (on history pages).

At present a diff between arbitrary deleted revisions is not possible, and if a revision is deleted then it is not possible to view its diff against another deleted revision, even if the user has the appropriate viewing rights to them.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement