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Bridging the research and developer communities
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Username or display name (will be displayed publicly): ELescak_(WMF)

Categories/Tags/Keywords (up to 5): developers, research, interns

Session type (select one): Discussion

Session Details
The focus of this session is on how developers can get involved with activities that benefit them and bring research to life. Developers play a key role in making research impactful. This session is an open discussion about how to connect developers with the research community.
Topics to cover include:

  • Sharing research questions that developers have
  • An overview of the WMF Research team's focus areas
  • Ways that developers can collaborate with members of the Research team, including Outreachy, GSOC, and internal internships
  • Examples of projects that developers have worked on with researchers

Target audience:

Developers who have an interest in research, or researchers interested in connecting with developers.

What will participants get out of this session?

An understanding of the types of projects that developers and researchers have collaborated on; ways to get involved with the WMF Research team

(Optional) Additional resources:

Examples of past collaborations between developers and researchers:

Event Timeline

@ELescak: Thanks for participating in the Hackathon! We hope you had a great time.

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