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Avoid direct link to edit non-existing talk pages in Minerva
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If the talk page doesn't exist, Minerva redirects automatically to an edit links. For instance, redirects to

This is a bad user experience since it hides the talkpage header. I suggest to remove this feature.

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Clicking on that link doesn’t redirect me anywhere. Clicking on the Talk page tab on the item page does (as the link contains action=edit), but it won’t once the New Discussion Tool is introduced on mobile.

Thanks for your answer. Do you know if we could some JS script in the user page ( to avoid this behaviour? Do you have more details about the calendar of the discussion tool?

$(function () {
	var talk = document.querySelector('.minerva__tab[rel="discussion"]');
	if (talk) {
		talk.href = talk.href.replace('&action=edit&redlink=1', '');

may work, but I didn’t test it for edge cases.

The mobile Reply Tool and New Topic Tool have just been enabled on a few Wikipedias (the so-called “partner wikis”) on last Wednesday (T282638), so I’d expect its deployment to Wikidata to be in no less than a few months, maybe even more.

Thanks. Your script seems perfect.