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Sending two mass emails to eligible voters during the Wikimedia Foundation Board Elections 2022
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Hello, we are hoping to have two mass emails sent to eligible voters who have not yet voted in

The emails are currently planned for Aug 18 for the first and Aug 26 for the reminder during the voting period.

Note: the reminder will be sent to eligible who have not voted only.

This was done last year in T287023.

Eligibility requirements will likely be similar to

The final eligibility criteria and email texts will be posted here when available.

Please let me know if any additional details are required.

Thank you in advance!


Due Date
Aug 25 2022, 10:00 PM

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Aklapper set Due Date to Aug 25 2022, 10:00 PM.May 16 2022, 10:38 PM

The docs for this (in addition to the 2021 task which will likely help a bit) are here:


Quick update
The voting period has been changed, so are the days the mass email will be sent.
The first one will be sent on Aug 18th and the second one on Aug 26th

The task description has been updated accordingly.
Many thanks

I have now set up the mailing lists (43520 voter email addresses) following the documentation on Wikitech. I tested it using that same documentation and it seems to work as expected. So we should be good to go at least for the first batch of emails on August 18.

The second batch of emails might be a little more of a challenge since they will only be sent to those who have not yet voted. We'll dig into that in the next few days.

Great. That is a good news!
Many thanks @jrbs

jrbs claimed this task.

This was achieved successfully :)