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PAWS share link not sharing
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Reported by Yiannis Giannelos on slack

Open PAWS,
share > share jupyter server link
copy link, share with another user, they get a 403 not authorized.

This is likely because the link looks like:
Notably missing the token.

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This appears to work in the container it was merged in (pr-119), doesn't work in the most recent one (pr-145). Downgrading jupyterlab from 3.3.4 (as in pr-145) to 3.3.0 (as in pr-119) does not seem to remedy the issue.

pr-129 does not

We moved to jupyterlab as a default on 133.

Reverting to jupyterhub 1.4.2 gets it working. As does upgrading to 2.3.0. Seems like a good path forward.