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Design Spike: Building QuickSurveys in Codex
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It looks like we are close to being able to build QuickSurveys in Codex, since we have components available for Button, Checkbox, Icon, and TextInput.

Based on the project page above, would there be any additional design considerations for building this in Codex? This could be a good “first production project” if we are close on requirements. Outcome of this task should note requirements from a design standpoint (e.g. are there any patterns that should be created for this, or could our existing components plug-and-play?).

Closed: there is a patch for this already!

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There is already a patch for this: . But it's only associated with T300573, there doesn't seem to be a separate task for migrating QuickSurveys to Codex yet.

I believe QuickSurveys already has all the components it needs in Codex so this can be resolved and yes is the pending patch to do that.

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