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Short videos for Wikimedia training
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How might we make short videos (1 to 3 minutes) for training on Wikimedia topics, making them more "snackable" and shareable?

Description and sample script on Etherpad. Ideas and collaboration are welcome!

RATIONALE: Contributing or editing Wikimedia content is increasingly complex, yet our methods of instruction and teaching have not evolved. We use numerous wiki text pages with limited visuals, or when we do video demonstrations, they are lengthy, not efficient or tightly edited, and nearly impossible to search. Likewise, we seem to be stuck in a rut with our traditional edit-a-thon training.

Instead, how might we learn from contemporary social media trends in video instruction? YouTube is the number one "how-to" and learning site on the Internet and recommends videos 7-15 minutes each, with a target of 10 minutes. Other mobile-first platforms like Instagram Stories and Tiktok aim for 2-3 minutes for their videos. How might we experiment with very short form Wikimedia video instruction to help boost engagement and teaching?

Event Timeline

Hi, had student interns work in Summer 2020 and Summer 2021 to create short 'how to' videos for aspects of Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons and Wikisource. Hannah received an Open Education Global award for creating 20+ open-licensed videos during lockdown and sharing to YouTube , our Media Hopper channel and new website. Can get these converted and shared to Commons but agree better short explainer videos and keeping them up-to-date could be really impactful. Not looked at making IG-ready or Tiktok-ready content but huge audience out there if 1 min vids can be created.

@Fuzheado: Thanks for participating in the Hackathon! We hope you had a great time.

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