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Improve presentation of wikidata edits in other projects watchlists
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Let's take this edit in wikidata:

Screenshot 2022-05-20 07.51.55.png (87×1 px, 64 KB)

The same edit is presented in wikipedia watchlist:
Screenshot 2022-05-20 08.06.42.png (82×1 px, 42 KB)

Technically it is correct, but it is much more difficult to interpret for someone, who is not familiar with wikidata.
In addition almost certainly one would have to click some links in order to evaluate the correctness of this edit.
I'm proposing to change it to something like:
Screenshot 2022-05-20 08.00.40.png (109×1 px, 53 KB)

It would be more self-explanatory now and has a consistent notion of name (element for that name)

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Ghuron updated the task description. (Show Details)

Could you clarify if/how this is different from T118935, please?

When I was creating this ticket, I was not aware of T118935. Anyway, my proposal consists of 3 things:

  1. Instead of Pxxx show label in the corresponding wikiproject language
  2. Instead of Qxxx show label in the corresponding wikiproject language
  3. Show an affected item with the label e.g. Cîteaux Abbey (Q843261) when it is different from the item, that corresponds to the article

I believe T118935 covers 1 and 2, but does not cover 3. The latter one becomes important in the situation when infobox utilizes various connected wikidata items (e.g. place of birth). It might not be a problem 7 years ago when T118935, but certainly a problem now at least in ru-wiki, where infoboxes involves processing dozens of items, e.g.

Screenshot 2022-06-07 20.12.01.png (201×1 px, 36 KB)

Feel free to merge tickets, but please do not forget third item.