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Redesign of Menu Navigation: Move Items to Top Nav Bar
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Redesign the menu by removing the sidebar and placing items in the top navigation bar. The sidebar makes more sense when there are many options in the menu. Now its taking more valuable space of the screen. Consider switching to the top nav bar for a more streamlined design.

Also please remove Step-1, Step-2 and Step-3 from the sidebar as it doesn't add more value.

image.png (970×1 px, 93 KB)

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Gopavasanth added a subscriber: Karanjain71.

Hey @Karanjain71 , un-assigning you as as it has been a while with no updates. Please feel free to claim again if you wanted to work on it.

do we want a button or listener to change the orientation of the sidebar?

Gopavasanth renamed this task from Able to switch from Horizontal & Vertical settings menu to Redesign of Menu Navigation: Move Items to Top Nav Bar.Feb 4 2023, 12:22 PM
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Sir can you please help me, i am not able to get the code base of above issue?

Hey @DishaJain01, this issue is already claimed, and I have started working on this. Feel free to work on another issue
Also you can get the codebase at gerrit

Can you please tell me how can i get code base using gerrit,i tried,but this doesn't work in my pc,may be beacuse in mac it might have different command.Someone please help my to set my gerrit.

@Gopavasanth should we have to make it responsive as well,beacuse i find it's not responsive?
And the image you uploaded seems little different than me,why it is happening,Can you please tell me?
and should we need to fix the footer as well?

hey @DishaJain01, work on this issue have been half completed
I'll be submitting a patch regarding this in a day or two
please claim the task before working on them

hey @Gopavasanth
how does this look, for removing sidebar, and adding a new navbar

image.png (1×2 px, 407 KB)

image.png (1×2 px, 416 KB)

Looks great @Reputation22 How about changing the Light/Dark button to something like this style? Also moving the language selector "English" to right near to "Welcome, Username" string?

Change 890164 had a related patch set uploaded (by Reputation22; author: Reputation22):

[labs/tools/VideoCutTool@master] Change sidebar display to navbar

hey @Gopavasanth, how about a drop down on the navbar itself, showing these two selectors inside?

Hey @Gopavasanth, I would like to work with @Reputation22 on this patch. Can we work together?

Change 890164 merged by jenkins-bot:

[labs/tools/VideoCutTool@master] Changes Sidebar display to Header