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Create paws-hub
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is missing.

Information, such as how this container is built, how it is deployed, what it does. Should be added.

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what to do in this task , this is my first time

Hello! Thank you for having a look!

This is a documentation task. For it you're going to want to have a look at the paws repository ( and looking at the files in the images/paws-hub/ directory. Looks like there is a Dockerfile and an svg.

So some information about how the container would be built (Should just be docker build . -t <name:tag>) and some about what it is doing, I think it is just copying in the PAWS logo over the jupyterhub logo.

If you can verify that the container image comes from here:
it would be good to link to that, and its changelog so we can know where to look for updates.

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