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rvparse doesn’t seem to work with rvsection
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With some articles, rvparse and rvsection don’t seem to work together, e.g. All page content is returned. Without rvparse it works but that’s not what is desired. Workaround is action=parse, but that could be too limited.

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Looks as if the option was programmed to only apply to the content returned, not when the content is parsed. I agree that's confusing and should probably be changed.

			if ( $this->parseContent ) {
				$articleObj = new Article( $title );

				$p_result = $articleObj->getParserOutput();
				$text = $p_result->getText();

That overrides the section text already pulled in

			if ( $this->section !== false ) {
				$text = $wgParser->getSection( $text, $this->section, false );
				if ( $text === false ) {
					$this->dieUsage( "There is no section {$this->section} in r" . $revision->getId(), 'nosuchsection' );

I think this has never actually worked since introduction in r75266