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Move Quarry from Gerrit to GitHub
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Quarry is currently hosted on Gerrit. Let's move it to GitHub.

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Seems like waiting on this until some of the CI bits of gitlab are better established is recommended.

<dancy> Ahmon Dancy 
Rook:  Sorry for the delay. We're still working on codifying best practices for converting from Jenkins to Gitlab.  There are a couple of blockers that are getting in the way.   
<Rook> Vivian Rook 
Np. Would you recommend I delay in moving quarry? It isn't currently blocking anything by remaining in at the moment 
<dancy> Ahmon Dancy 
Yeah, I recommend waiting.
rook renamed this task from Move quarry to gitlab to Move quarry to gitlab or github.Sep 6 2022, 9:06 PM

I believe that random third-party hosting locations like GitHub should be off the table.
In my understanding, everything should be on Wikimedia GitLab in the long run, instead of Wikimedia Gerrit, Wikimedia Diffusion, GitHub, Sourceforge, wiki pages, etc.

(In any case, please disable "Issues" on to avoid fragmentation and duplication - thanks.)

Issues disabled.

everything should be on Wikimedia GitLab in the long run

I generally agree. As I mentioned in the email once gitlab has necessary features enabled quarry can move there.

As mentioned above github appears to serve the project requirements where gitlab is not quite ready. I don't believe I mentioned it here but one of the main problems is the lack of being able to run or build docker inside of a gitlab runner. A tool like Kaniko is a possibility for being able to build a container, however at this time its registry is not allowed to be pulled from by gitlab runners.

Going to github at this point does not prevent moving to gitlab in the future. The primary blocker is the ability to build a container. This prevents quarry from having functional ci. This would likely be resolved by T307536 The other, known, blockers are not show stoppers include a lack of irc integration (T288381) phabricator integration (T265617), being able to run a container (T307536)

Change 831070 had a related patch set uploaded (by Vivian Rook; author: Vivian Rook):

[analytics/quarry/web@master] Set repo to readonly

Change 831070 merged by Vivian Rook:

[analytics/quarry/web@master] Set repo to readonly

Aklapper renamed this task from Move quarry to gitlab or github to Move Quarry from Gerrit to GitHub.Sep 9 2022, 12:49 PM