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Change path to Low Saxon Wiktionary logo
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Please change $wgLogo at nds.wiktionary from the current (old logo) to (new and localized logo).


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I have uploaded the file locally at [1] so that local sysops can change the logo at the sidebar without having to file a new bug to get the logo changed. Please approach a local sysop to have the file fully protected from vandalism.

System administrators can just change InitialiseSettings.php to point the logo to $stdlogo.

'wgLogo' => array(

'ndswiktionary' => '$stdlogo',



I am one of two admins on nds.wikt (and the only one who is currently active in the Wikimedia projects on a regular base) and I am also admin on Commons.

It would be better if the image is hosted on Commons. We did the same thing at nds.wp which currently hosts no images at all and has image uploads disabled. That's because we are a small project and have no special copyright expertise. The cleanest solution is to stick to truly free images and rely on Commons expertise.

I planned to go the same way with nds.wikt, but as the project was fallen into inactivity anyway I never got around to actually request the shutoff of image uploads on nds.wikt. User:Zylbath who pulled the project out of inactivity recently did some new image uploads now, but it's still the plan to rely on Commons and I'm sure Zylbath will be fine with that too.

So please change the settings to the Commons file instead of the local one.

Thats good if you are an admin on Commons itself.

Having it locally uploaded on ndswiktionary would allow the local administrators to be able to change the logo anytime without having to get the developers. It would be more recommended to use this option if there is no representative from the wiki that is an administrator from Commons.

Be sure to protect the image from being overwritten by other people, or else it will result in the logo being changed on ndswiktionary itself!

bugs wrote:

(In reply to comment #3)

Thats good if you are an admin on Commons itself.

Some projects would still prefer to host it on Commons and we should let them. It's their decision.

jeluf wrote:

Your change has been completed.
Please reopen this ticket if anything went wrong.

The following configuration settings have been changed:

Index: InitialiseSettings.php

  • InitialiseSettings.php (revision 1908)

+++ InitialiseSettings.php (working copy)
@@ -603,6 +603,7 @@

'napwiki'           => '$stdlogo',
'nds_nlwiki'        => '$stdlogo',
'ndswiki'           => '',

+ 'ndswiktionary' => '',

'newiki'            => '$stdlogo',
'newwiki'           => '$stdlogo',
'nlwiki'            => '',

You can find the entire config file at