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Implement QUnit Test Suite for MediaWiki JS
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(copied from bug 26908 comment 8)

Here's a few points (likely in this order, but some may be re-ordered, postponed or or skipped)

Init QUnit

Point 1a: Add QUnit as a module in core
Point 1b: Look over modules prepare where needed to be more easily
testable (ie. functions that should but don't have a return values. like mw.config.set which can fail or succeed, this is tested but nothing returned..)

Point 2: Create a basic (neutral) environment where QUnit will be running.

Point 3: Go through core modules created/maintained by Wikimedia developers (mediawiki.js, jquery.client.js, .. but not jquery.cookie). Review line by line, and make sure there's suffecient test suits for everything.

Extend / Integrate QUnit

Point 4: Create a nice way for extensions to state that a module should be
loaded on Unit-test page and register a js file with qunit tests which should
be executed.

Point 5: Figure out what needs to be done to make a QUnit test page into a
TestSwarm-able thing through SVN sending periodic tests to clients – without
requiring users to have a TestSwarm - a vanilla QUnit page should stay

Distributed javascript testing / aka TestSwarm compatibility

Point 6: Set up a local TestSwarm

Point 7: Set up at Toolserver (if possible).


  • Install somewhere in WMF (probably a wmf-like wiki running trunk, perhaps

multiple wikis (one on trunk, one of wmfbranch) see [1])

Point 10: IRC Bot reporting breakages ?



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More of Point 1, 2 and 3 tackled in r87898.

mdale wrote:

per r87898 and r87848... We probably want to reorganize this a bit. In extensions and up-until-now in core all tests go into the /tests folder.

Probably something like phase3/tests/qunit would be a good place to put qunit tests. Inside the qunit folder you can mirror the directory structure of resources ( like phpunit folder does it )

If you want to avoid hitting mediaWiki php, you could put a RunQUnitTests.html in the root test folder ( similar to the RunQUnitTests.html ). Yes you would have to check out two folders from mediawiki to run these tests for testSwarm, but if you use relative paths it should work in both development and testSwarm.

Likewise we could "manually" add extensions to testSwarm testing, if they had a consistent location relative to the mediawiki root.

r88431: QUnit reorganization (among other things moved the QUnit directory from /resources/test/ to /tests/qunit/)

Marking fixed as the implementation and compatibility with TestSwarm is ready now.