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Minimise bytes transferred in Metrics Platform client
Open, Needs TriagePublic



As we begin to migrate instruments to the Metrics Platform, we should monitor the size of the ext.wikimediaEvents RL module (and others) for significant changes. Fortunately, Performance-Team publish this dashboard, which should make this process trivial.

FWIW I predict that migrating instruments to the Metrics Platform will decrease the size of the ext.wikimediaEvents RL module because:

  1. It will minimise the number of inconsistently-named event properties, which don't compress well; and
  2. The stream configs will contain repeated strings, which compress well
  3. Per-instrument sampling configuration variables and code can be removed as the Metrics Platform client can handle per-stream sampling

However, if the ext.wikimediaEvents RL module becomes too unwieldy, then we'll have to minimise the amount of bytes used to configure the Metrics Platform client.

This task is a placeholder for that work.