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Improve post edit discoverability on mobile
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May 29 2022, 12:53 PM
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Jun 3 2022, 6:26 PM
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Mobile testers failed to find their post in-context after it was posted to the discussion. Since scrolling to the bottom of the feed is quite cumbersome in mobile, testers often relied on the freshness indicator.

Possible Solutions:

  • make sure the post-edit highlight and scroll is visible
  • have discussions appear chronologically
  • make the freshness indicator more discoverable

Event Timeline

...make sure the post-edit highlight and scroll is visible

I think there was a bug in the prototype that was preventing people from seeing the comment they just published scrolled into view and highlighted.

I have not yet been able to reproduce the potential bug I mentioned above in production or on the prototype.

As such, I do not think we need to prioritize work on this issue until we discover the scrolling and highlighting is A) not working as we expect it to and/or B) not being effective at causing people to locate the comment or new topic they just publishd.

Observed behavior

Production (
New Topic
IMG_3837.PNG (2×1 px, 350 KB)
IMG_3836.PNG (2×1 px, 307 KB)
New Comment
IMG_3834.PNG (2×1 px, 449 KB)
IMG_3835.PNG (2×1 px, 340 KB)

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