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Wikimania 2022 Draft for the project: What's in a name? Automatically identifying first and last author names for Wikicite and Wikidata
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  • Proposal Title: Composition of Names: What’s in a Name?
  • Session type: Case study
  • Specify the time you need for your session: 30 minutes
  • Are you making this proposal as an individual or affiliate/movement group? individual
  • Position you hold in this organisation? N/A
  • Abstract: Scientific and academic articles are an enormous part of Wikidata: with around a third of Wikidata items being about scholarly articles. Our focus is on automatically detecting and adding the first and last names of the authors from scientific databases to scholarly articles on Wikidata. By doing this, Wikidata items can be categorized and searched via their authors, allowing for more precise and comprehensive archiving of academic articles, which then can be referred to by Cite Q and Wikipedia projects. This is a project proposed by the Wikimedia Foundation on the round of May 2022 to August 2022, The Oureachy Internship Program.
  • Additional Speakers? Roberto
  • Choose the language for your block: English
  • Which topic does your block most relate to: Innovation and Research
  • Learning outcomes: Increased knowledge of a person’s name in different languages. Increased knowledge of how to write a program detecting a person’s name in different cultures, formats, and languages.
  • Level of expertise expected from participants: No previous experience at all
  • Would you like to make this submission public for community feedback? Yes
  • Is your session suitable to be delivered live or prerecorded: Live
  • Your name? Feliciss
  • Your email? (Email)
  • Your speaker biography? Roberto and Feliciss are co-interns of the project: What's in a name? Automatically identifying first and last author names for Wikicite and Wikidata, May 2022 to August 2022 Outreachy Internship Program. Their mentors are Andy Mabbett and Mike Peel.
  • Wikimedia username: User:Feliciss
  • With what name or username would you like to be referred to on the program? Feliciss, Roberto
  • Home project: Wikidata
  • Profile picture: N/A
  • Country: Earth
  • Preferred pronouns in English: They
  • Are you willing to be recorded in your session? Yes
  • Are you interested in attending speaking training? Yes
  • Emergency contact information: (Phone number)
  • Any special needs? No

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Feliciss set the point value for this task to 2.

Hi! Would you have any interest in presenting this at the Wikimania Hackathon next week?

@hlepp Hi! Thanks for your interest in our project. I will be taking time off next week. @PangolinMexico may be available to talk about our project.

@hlepp Hi! I should be available every day except for Friday to give a talk - would be very happy to! :)

@hlepp In case it's of use, I gave a general talk about Outreachy at Wikidatacon last year, I'd be happy to repeat it if you wanted a couple of related talks together - or @PangolinMexico could reuse some of the content if they wanted. Slides at

Awesome! You can add it directly to the schedule at whichever time works for you.