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Increase the default radius limit for geosearch
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The GeoData extension is implementing the Geosearch API to allow users searching for articles with geodata within an area specified by a location and a radius. While working on solutions for a new T304076: Nearby feature for maps we extended that API by implementing a way to sort the results by relevance (T307208).

Currently the Geosearch API has a configurable radius limit that defaults to 10.000m [1]. For the nearby feature how we envision it, this limit is quite low and there even might be no reason to be so strict there.

We would like to increase that limit as far as possible ( if not in the code then at least on the production servers ). So the question would be what's an acceptable number?

We did some tests poking the cloudelastic severs with the relevance-query: T308221: Deploy geosearch relevance sort and test pushing the radius and these are the outcomes:


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Gehel set the point value for this task to 2.Jun 27 2022, 3:40 PM

After discussion, we think that the additional load of increasing the radius limit is small and not an issue. So we could increase it.

That being said, we would prefer if Search related workflows (and this looks like it) would be centralised on CirrusSearch. This would also provide additional capabilities (add keyword to the search, ability to specify different search profiles, ...).

For an example of what could be done on top of search, have a look at|%20%20nearcoord:20km,37.96,-122.08 and contact @EBernhardson if you want more details / context.

Alternate solution was provided in the comments above. If that's not sufficient, please re-open.