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Impement branching on wiki directionality inside interface messages.
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There have been recently messages added which are wrong per

It seems that there is a strong desire and an ongoing need to do so.
A possible way to deal with them was a switch on wiki directinality
such as
"This wiki runs {{WIKIDIR:from left to right|from right to left}}."

I personally do not like the idea because when wiki operators choose
to alter the CSS for their wikis, messages using this may get out of
sync, likely without wiki operators being aware of it.

Yet I make this proposal in the expectation that it ends up as WONTfix
which would be a strong ground to avoid these problematic messages in
the future.

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Severity: enhancement



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I'd be firmly in the WONTFIX camp for this one, much preferring to fix such messages as they come up.

won't fix per comment 1. Please report the issues *individually*. They will be dealt with.

I mostly agree. Let's try to use underspecified messages WRT direction as long as possible.