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Make it easier to create a new requestctl object
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requestctl actions and patterns are often created in a hurry, to resolve an ongoing incident. But creating them requires writing a YAML file from an empty editor, probably using the wikitech page in another window as a reference for which fields to use.

The tool could make this process easier and faster, shortening future incidents. One possible approach would be to provide an interactive mode, prompting with questions like (for a pattern) "what URL path should be matched? what query parameter?" and (for an action) "should matching traffic be blocked, or rate limited? what HTTP status should be served? what message?" The other approach would be to provide a skeleton YAML file for each type of object, to uncomment and fill out lines as appropriate.

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RLazarus triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 6 2022, 5:50 PM
RLazarus created this task.

As a note, I am unsure which team to triage this to during sprint week.

Btw, slightly related, I made an experiment to generate requestctl objects starting from the selected filters in the superset dashboards. I have working draft, if anyone is interested please ping me (not yet ready for prime time but """works""" ;) )