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Review Signpost-related templates
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Some are listed here. These often excessively use parser functions or are not accessible, leading them to need review.

  • Parser functions should be simplified or removed
  • Conversion of some templates into modules
  • Ensure accessibility
  • Check mobile versions
  • Move templates to centralized location, Template:Signpost/[NAME]

Event Timeline

Courtesy note: I'm recruiting the help of Rexo as well for this. Some notes that may be helpful for all:

redirects don't need to be moved, sometimes it's best to change the title a bit (e.g. shorten them, edit them to update Wikipedia current terminology, meet [[mw:Inclusive language]], etc), and if you need any clarification, feel free to ask!

I have spelunked through the Signpost omni-index (which I also set up, at ) and cleared out (almost) all the bullshit. By my count, there were nearly a thousand pages, ranging from obsolete never-used redirects, to pagemove detritus from publishing errors, to templates that were created and never actually written, to deprecated templates with literally a single transclusion. They are all gone now: I am in the process of documenting what's going on at

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