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Configuration to enable/disable stories on articles
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Description/User Story

As a campaign organizer
I want to decide which articles have Wikistories enabled
So that the participants can focus on the articles that matter for the campaign

As a wiki admin
I want to disable Wikistories on articles where increased imagery would be inappropriate (NSFW/explicit content, vector for vandalism, etc)
So that the readers don't get negatively affected

Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 9.48.26 PM.png (640×2 px, 135 KB)



Acceptance Criteria


Test Scenarios
  1. If the configuration is not present, verify that the wikistory is shown on the wiki.
  2. If the configuration is made incorrectly (a non-boolean value in a boolean config/flag, for example) the default should be that the wikistory is shown.
  3. A user with no elevated permission to make the config should not be able to access it via UI or API.
  4. If the config is set to disable wikistories, the CTA to create a story and the stories already created should not be displayed.
  5. If the config is set to disable wikistories, browsing to the URL of the story should show a Page Not Found or redirect the user to the wiki page.
  6. If the config is set to enable wikistories, the CTA to create a wikistory and all stories should be shown on the wiki.
Open questions
  1. Is the configuration done by deploying a code configuration change or is it done on wiki?
  2. Is Wikistories enabled on each articles individually or by category or other?

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