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Disabling mobile view throws us to start page
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Author: johnstalberg

When using on an iPhone the default is the mobile view. If we scroll to the bottom of the page and chose the ordinary 'big' site view and next chose to disabling the mobile view permanently, we end up at the non asked for start page and sort of loose the page we were at. This shouldn't happen. All we want here is disabling the mobile view to read the same stuff but in ordinary 'big' size view. We don't want to be served some other page besides the 'big' size site view preference change. We want the same lookup word we were reading in mobile view but in big size ordinary view instead!

Since the start page of Wikipedia is so easy to reach anyway, there is no nead to force it upon someone trying to just change the view style settings. It is hoghly irritating to be thrown away from the interesting lookuped word that we are reading info about and get the start page instead just because we wanted to change from mobile to ordinary style.

Ideal is to get the same lookuped word page but in a different (biger size) view. Nothing more nothing less.

To reproduce:
on a default setup iPhone, go to, search for some search term and on the words page scroll down to the bottom. Hose to view in ordinary Wikipedia the chose to disable it permanetly and watch how your interestning looked up word page disapears and the start page is served instead.

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: normal



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Hampton, do you think we should make Patrick the default assignee for these now?

hcatlin wrote:

That can be up to him. I haven't had time to take a look at these yet. Maybe he can take a glance
and if its too hard send them over to me.

He knows the ruby code pretty well.

preilly wrote:

This should now be fixed in r95316.