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Some English Wikipedia templates with signatures in the middle don't work well with reply and new topic tool
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There are some templates used on talk pages on English Wikipedia that have signatures "in the middle", which doesn't work well with the reply and new topic tools. I have encountered the following:

When replying to a message using such template, either you get an error message telling you to use the wikitext editor, or your reply gets inserted into the middle.

When posting a message using such template with the reply tool or the new topic tool, a duplicate signature is added at the end.

I don't know if we should do anything about this, or if we even can, but I'm filing this to have a place to document these issues.

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Note: this ticket should be made a sub-task of T275256. I'm noting this here because when I attempt to add this ticket as a sub-task, I receive the following error You cannot add more than 1 object to the relationship.

This sort of headache again. Can it simply be "DON'T AUTOSIGN if the signature magic text is already entered"?

We already have that logic, but these templates don't have a valid signature (it's not at, or even near, the end of the text). This causes other problems too (e.g. if you subscribe to the topic with your unblock request, then the notifications you'll get about replies will have the wrong comment snippets).

@matmarex this string still auto-signs:

{{unblock|reason=Your reason here ~~~~}}

The "~~~~" is certainly "near the end of the text" - it is one character off.

It's not near the end of the resulting comment:

image.png (573×2 px, 168 KB)

If we don't add an extra signature, and someone replies to the thread containing this template, then the entire "Notes" section will be treated as a part of the next comment, and will show up in notification snippets etc.

The way these templates are constructed really makes no sense to me at all. I understand that the process is deliberately made difficult to control the volume of requests, but I don't see how breaking the talk page conventions helps anyone.

I think they were deliberately made very easy, when not using reply-tool; simply copy that text, paste it.