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Test installation and suitability of Extension:EPubExport for English Wikisource
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At English Wikisource, there was a discussion from a new user about the ability to download our (completed) works in the EPUB format and potentially others. After a couple of leads, and some reading I see [[mw:Extension:EPubExport]] is listed as possibly having the capability. Is there a means to test the extension for capability and suitability? Is this something that WMF has a sandbox to test the implementation?

On earlier asking there has been some discussion about it being part Extension:Collection, looking at that page, it refers to the above extension.

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If I don't get a chance today I'll take a look over this Thursday when I get back from Berlin, and give some feedback. Sticking on my calendar to remind me. :)

For production servers we'd probably rather integrate this with Special:Collection and the mwlib-based backend for that (so arbitrary pages can be collected & downloaded in multiple formats using the existing frameworks), but this sounds relatively feasible for third-party sites.

Might actually work as a stop-gap as well (at least for single page downloads), but will need to look over it in more detail later this week (would need security review etc).

Even if not suitable for Wikisource just yet, it's probably ok to stick it in our extensions SVN and do some common upkeep on it.

A definite nicety: using the core parser to generate HTML, then working from there will get most extensions and whatnot working -- avoids reimplementing the entire MediaWiki parser! :)

The processing that's done on the HTML looks like it's got some sketchy bits and will probably want some cleanup (some of the paths and HTML insertions might not be using some of the right settings, but it's a good start).

And a reminder to self: apparently there's a compat issue with PDFs as used with ProofreadPage, probably needs some adjustment for the embedding.

With regard to comment 3, this is listed at though I am not confident enough to call it either a block or a dependency.

(In reply to comment #4)

With regard to comment 3, this is listed at though I am not confident
enough to call it either a block or a dependency.

Right. Since that is talking about the Collection extension and this is about the EPubExport extension, they are not (directly) related.

Tomasz informed that PediaPress has already built out ePub support into the collections extension and just need to be deployed. Added Tomasz in cc.

On Wikisource they are already using another tool for EPubExport. See:

And the discussion here:

Is it a merge possible? Or we'll we have two tools to do the same?

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Closing this issue, as EPUB export is now possible through Special:Book, i.e. the Collection extension.