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Recable cloudcephosd1015 from cloudsw1-d5-eqiad to cloudsw2-d5-eqiad
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  • - Provide FQDN of system.


  • - If other than a hard drive issue, please depool the machine (and confirm that it’s been depooled) for us to work on it. If not, please provide time frame for us to take the machine down.

This machine can be powered down and recabled at any time.

  • - Put system into a failed state in Netbox.
  • - Provide urgency of request, along with justification (redundancy, dependencies, etc)


See The goal is to free four ports on cloudsw1* switches by moving 2 cloudcephosd nodes to cloudsw2* in racks C8 and D5.

  • - Assign correct project tag and appropriate owner (based on above). Also, please ensure the service owners of the host(s) are added as subscribers to provide any additional input.

Please recable this machine to cloudsw2-d5-eqiad in order to free ports on cloudsw1-d5-eqiad. Those ports are intended to be utilized by cloudnet1006 ( T304888. Once freed, a separate ticket can be filed if needed to switch cloudnet1005 to the now free ports.

See also T310546.

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