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Card: Add "elevated" style option
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The MVP of the Card component included the "framed" style for the outer element. This task covers adding the "elevated" style:

image.png (786×1 px, 58 KB)

Design spec

Figma spec sheet will be linked here once it's done.

Acceptance criteria

  • Elevated style is documented and finalized in the Figma spec (will be linked in the epic task)
  • Elevated style is implemented in the Codex Card component

Event Timeline

Status update: Applying elevation to Cards requires introducing a new box-shadow token in our system (the current shadows provide either not enough contrast against all backgrounds, or too much elevation). I started a more holistic exploration to find the proper shadow value in Figma. This effort, I believe, probably deserves a separate task.

Update: A new task to extend our shadow palette was created -->

ldelench_wmf moved this task from Inbox to Needs Refinement on the Design-System-Team board.

Sarai will find out from Growth whether this is still needed

Assuming we still want to do this as part of T278311, leaving in Needs Refinement.

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