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Emit a log from the orchestrator and evaluator on request result
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Right now we emit a structured "Incoming request" log statement to the console on inbound requests, like:

{"name":"function-orchestrator","hostname":"…","pid":1,"level":10,"msg":"Incoming request","request_id":"…","request":{"url":"/1/v1/evaluate/","headers":{"content-type":"application/json","user-agent":"wikifunctions-request/1.39.0-alpha","content-length":"376","x-request-id":"…"},"method":"POST","params":{"0":"/1/v1/evaluate/"},"query":{},"remoteAddress":"","remotePort":47220},"levelPath":"trace/req","time":"2022-06-15T16:58:51.695Z","v":0}

… but we don't emit a corresponding log on result outcome, which has a bunch of the metrics we might want to capture and react to (like whether the result was a success, or what actual implementation was used, or how long it took, or…). There's no obviously-easy place to put this in (at the end of the route, but that doesn't have access to the app to trigger a log?).

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@maryyang are you able to take this on as part of the work on logging?

Sure. I'll see where this fits in.

Change 833410 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jforrester; author: Jforrester):

[mediawiki/services/function-orchestrator@master] [WIP] routes: Log the response

Change 833410 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/services/function-orchestrator@master] routes: Log the response