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Allow creation of common.js and common.css on instances for normal users
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Jun 16 2022, 12:06 PM
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Jun 16 2022, 12:06 PM
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Some days ago I set up a instance and crated a normal/default user

After reading I wanted to add a common.js to my user page. Turns out I'm not allowed to create this page under my account permissions:

Same goes for adding a common.css, I was hoping to be able to tweak the Wikibase UI, as I did in Wikidata - but I'm also not allowed to do that.

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Back when I created wbstack I intentionally disabled custom JS and CSS.
This was mainly because I didn't want to think about the "right" way to configure this at the time balancing security, and usefulness for people, also while trying to not result in people adding 100 gadgets to their wikibases having to maintain them all everywhere etc.

A related ticket for WBStack regarding Gadgets to which I added some comments about the need for user scripts: T356397