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Incorrect native name for Ossetian language
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Author: bourons

Please correct name of Ossetian language in language names list (

Current is Иронау/Ironaw, while correct is Ирон/Iron.
These are links to Ossetian-Russian dictionary (translated with Google Translator):

  1. Иронау -
  2. Ирон -

You can see that Иронау/Ironaw is not the name of Ossetian language.

I am the native speaker of Ossetian, and I say that never have used Иронау/Ironaw as subject.

Soslan Khubulov

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bourons wrote:

This is another source :

Here Native name for Ossetian is ирон ӕвзаг/iron ävzag. ӕвзаг/ävzag is language in Ossetian.

Looks like the current form was initially added in 2005; I can't find a record of the source I got that spelling from at the time.

Soslan -- to confirm, the 'Иронау' form might be used in places like saying "these are some English texts", but you'd expect to see just 'Ирон' in the places you'd see something labeled plainly as "English", "French", "Russian" etc right?

Correct thing is probably to change it to 'Ирон'.

bourons wrote:

Hi Brion!

In places like "these are some English texts" it is used 'Ирон'. 'Иронау' is used in such phrases: "He is speaking like Ossetian".

'Иронау' can be just description of description or description of action. It can't describe subject and it can't used as subject. If you see phrases like "Wikipedia ironaw" don't think 'Иронау' describes Wikipedia. In "Wikipedia ironaw" there is a context "Wikipedia ironaw [fyst/aryst...]" where "fyst" is "written" and "aryst" is "made".

'Ирон-ау' is a case of word 'Ирон'. That case is Equative (source: page 15 in the file). Link on Equative case: (


Excellent -- sounds like that's definitely what we want then!

Fixed on trunk in r90217; I'm marking it for backport to 1.17 and 1.18 so we can get it live.