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Revise how talk page titles are styled
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Per T307642#8013722, this task involves the work of adjusting how talk page titles are styled/appear to make it easier for people to recognize talk pages as distinct from article pages.


  • Add a space between Talk: and PAGE NAME
  • Bold the namespace (read: Talk)
    • Note: the "Talk" font should remain unchanged from its current treatment.
  • Implement a way for wikis vary the spacing around colons to match linguistic conventions. See Open question #2.

Open questions

  • 1. @KieranMcCann: what – if any – blocking concerns do you/the Design team have about the ===Requirements listed above?
  • 2. Editing Engineering: how will we enable wikis to vary the spacing around colons to match the conventions for their language (e.g. French puts spaces on either side of a colon [i], Chinese uses a colon which has more space on either side of it as well [ii]).


Event Timeline

@ppelberg @KieranMcCann are we still considering whether or not to bold Talk as an option question?

@alexhollender_WMF That would be my preferred decision – not bolding ‘Talk’. Do you have any thoughts on this yourself Alex?

@KieranMcCann I agree that it shouldn't be bolded. I assume that given the other changes to the page it will be easier than before to differentiate a Talk page from an Article page. I think it makes sense to wait a bit before adding additional styling that aims to further distinguish these pages.

So to confirm the design recommendations would be to:

  • add a space between Talk: and PAGE NAME
  • not bolding Talk:

The arguments for not bolding the Talk: element are:

  • other changes being made to the page should do enough to distinguish talk pages from article pages
  • we tend not to use bold serif styling anywhere at the moment so this would be introducing a new unnecessary type style

Per T307727#8098640, we're limiting the styling changes to how talk page titles are styled to adding a space between the namespace (Talk:) and the title of the content page to which the talk page is related (PAGENAME).

The work to do the above will happen in T313636. As such, I'm closing this task as a duplicate of T313636. In doing so, I made sure to carry the relevant Open questions from this task to T313636.