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Import Wikimedia blog WordPress theme into the Wikimedia git repo
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The Wikimedia blog ( uses a custom Vector-like theme that's being hosted on GitHub ( The theme files should be in Wikimedia's Subversion repository.

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I used GitHub because I needed an quick and easy solution. If someone knows how to do the import while preserving the history, I'm all for it. Just give me a heads-up so I request commit access first.

One way is to commit revision by revision to our SVN.

Not really nice...

Googling seems to suggest only the reverse..

Having said that, there is only 20 revisions, so doing them all wouldn't be too bad

And we can get Guillaume commit access to our SVN without much issue

bugs wrote:

Didn't we also want to get this into WordPress's directory of themes too? That would be related, but not the same bug unless we expanded the scope of this one.

Looks like WordPress won't care where our source is hosted, so this can be handled separately by whoever wants to keep it up to date and push updates to their system:

So we need to keep the prior history? can't we just go "for previous history look at X" in the commit message?

Since we're actually moving to git now, it's easier to just clone the github repo once we have the Wikimedia git repo; that way we keep the full history, and we don't have to import to a subversion repo that'll be obsolete soon anyway.

This is now done, thanks to Chad:

The git repo isn't 100% up-to-date, but I'll be pushing the latest changes and the other branch shortly.