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Show no-js fallback of Special:NewLexeme to IE 11 and Safari 9, etc. users
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As a user of IE 11 or Safari 9, I want to see the fallback page for Special:NewLexeme in order to be able to create new items.

We have a working no-js page for browsers that support no js at all anymore. However, some Browsers support still some Javascript, but not Vue 3 and so cannot display the new app. So we should still show the no-js fallback to them, so they can at least somehow add new Lexemes.

However, currently the fallback page is wrapped in <noscript> tags and so will only show to browsers that have no javascript at all available.

This leaves browsers like IE 11 or Safari 9 falling through the cracks.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Browsers that do not support ES6 are shown the no-js fallback, even if they still support some js